Q20 super multi-purpose lubricant, 300 gm

  • Ezi Extra Powerlube Engine Formula (up to 100,000 km) – 350ml
  • Description:
  • Suitable for all kinds of  automotive motors up to 100,000km for both; petrol and diesel’s engines.
  • Increases engine life time by 38%.
  • Reduces engine wear up to 71%.
  • Increases horse power by 4.8%.
  • Makes the engine running and starting becomes very smooth for very long time.
  • Compatible with all kinds of oil for petrol..

250,00 EGP

    • Isolates: Q20 has a higher density than water, causing isolation between water and any metal surface or body that you need to be protected for example: the electric circuits.
    • Protects: Q20 protects any exposed metal and tools against corrosion and rust, protects faucets from salt and removes it.
    • Lubricates: Q20 makes movement easier and loosens lacks and prevents any squeaking.
    • Cleans: Q20 is a wonderful cleaner for electrical circuits without shortage, removes tar from the car’s body, the showing gum from the carpet, the fresh ink from the leather jacket and glue from the tiles.

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